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Siemens to help kickstart digital transformation in logistics and build resilient supply chains at Supply Chain Forum

Frankenthal, Germany

Siemens Digital Logistics hat das diesjährige Supply Chain Forum angekündigt, das unter dem Motto „Accelerating the Digital Transformation in Logistics“ am 21. Juni 2023 im Hilton Airport Frankfurt stattfinden wird
  • Siemens to present networking event for supply chain managers to explore scalable software solutions and best practice for building resilient and sustainable supply chains

Siemens Digital Logistics announced today that it will present the Siemens Supply Chain Forum at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport, June 21, 2023 and it will focus on the theme of “Accelerating the Digital Transformation in Logistics.”

Experts from the manufacturing, retail, logistics and tech sectors will come together in person and in the livestream for a one-day international event of networking and knowledge-sharing. Companies such as dm-drogerie markt, and Gebrüder Weiss will take the stage to highlight what they expect logistics to deliver in times of global supply chain bottlenecks.

“Many logistics companies saw progress on digital transformation stall during the crisis. Our goal here is to present scalable, easily accessible software solutions that will help companies keep up with the pace of development in the industry,” said Volker Albrecht, CEO, Siemens Digital Logistics. “It’s about visibility, resilience, and sustainability - but also about an optimized syncing of production and logistics processes to better offset a fluctuating supply chain. Our Supply Chain Forum event provides insights and digital solutions to meet the logistics challenges of the global economy, today and tomorrow.”

For more information and registration, please visit https://www.siemens-digital-logistics.com/supply-chain-forum

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