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Siemens to present innovative software solutions for emissions and supply chain management in logistics


Siemens Digital Logistics will showcase innovative supply chain planning and management solutions at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich, May 9–12, 2023. (Image credit: Siemens Digital Logistics)
  • Siemens to show new innovations including new Sustainability dashboard provides complete visibility of CO2 emissions in logistics networks and how digital twin technology is helping customers build crisis-resistant supply chains

Siemens Digital Logistics has announced today that it will showcase innovative supply chain planning and management solutions at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich, May 9–12, 2023. The digital logistics specialist has prepared an event portfolio that includes a certified solution for calculating and visualizing CO2 emissions in logistics networks, a digital twin for optimizing supply chain management, and a control tower that syncs production and supply processes in real time.

“We’re bringing along scalable software solutions that help our customers in the manufacturing and logistics sectors find long-term strategies to meet current and future challenges in global supply chain management,” said Volker Albrecht, CEO of Siemens Digital Logistics. “This positions us to offer standardized solutions that businesses can use to track and calculate their emissions data across all modes of transport.”

This includes a certified methodology used to calculate greenhouse gas emissions based on the international GLEC standard (Global Logistics Emission Council) and optimize emissions through network and transport planning.

The CO2 emissions of logistics networks and partnerships are visualized in a sustainability dashboard offering a clear overview of the various polluters along with the degree of environmental impact from supply chains. The emissions scorecard for transports can also be integrated into other software solutions, such as Siemens’ Teamcenter® product cost management software, as an API web service. This makes it possible to consider transport costs and emissions as early as the product planning stage and during the supplier selection process - not only after the product design has been completed, as was previously the case.

The Siemens Digital Logistics presence at transport logistic will present dynamic planning tools, including the digital twin, in response to the crisis-driven supply chain bottlenecks currently plaguing manufacturing and retail. With its links to the wider Siemens ecosystem, Siemens Digital Logistics has natural ties to the industrial sector and a portfolio of tools that have helped enterprises around the world successfully plan their products, production, and capacities and focus them on the needs of supply chain managers as they build more resilient value chains.

Solutions like the Siemens Digital Logistics Control Tower not only enable real-time supply chain visibility, but also deliver visibility across all production and logistics processes by bundling and consolidating data across systems. This delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility and makes it possible to perfectly synchronize production and logistics processes in manufacturing.

The Siemens Digital Logistics solutions will be presented at transport logistic in Hall A3, Booth 113/216.

To book an appointment or learn more about our event program, please visit: https://siemens-digital-logistics.com/transport-logistic

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