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Siemens & Deloitte demonstrate Industry 4.0 innovation at The Smart Factory @ Wichita

Plano, Texas, USA

  • eXplore Live at Deloitte’s The Smart Factory @ Wichita helps companies experience the future of smart manufacturing and the power of digitalization using the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio
  • New dedicated space allows Siemens, Deloitte and other collaborators to bring suppliers and customers together to work towards engineering excellence

Siemens Digital Industries Software today announced the opening of eXplore Live at The Smart Factory @ Wichita, an experience center convened by Deloitte that marries an ecosystem of world-leading organizations with business strategy and cutting-edge technology to demonstrate Industry 4.0. Located on Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus, The Smart Factory includes a fully operational production line and experiential labs for developing and exploring innovative capabilities of smart manufacturing.

A founding member of The Smart Factory @ Wichita along with Deloitte and other ecosystem members, Siemens developed the eXplore Live space as a 3,000 square-foot area dedicated to hands-on learning opportunities for companies looking to modernize, reshore, localize, or regionalize their operations in North America. The eXplore Live space will enable Siemens to expand customer engagements at The Smart Factory @ Wichita with a showcase focused on design and optimization using a closed loop digital twin. It will also enable exploration of industry digital threads and provide space for innovation workshops, co-creation, and help empower the next generation of engineers.

The Smart Factory @ Wichita’s Siemens eXplore Live space joins Siemens’ global eXplore Center network, best-in-class customer experience centers that, combined with a proven innovation methodology, help companies discover what’s possible for a digital tomorrow, help define a vision for their organization and design a roadmap for making it real.

“Our alliance with Deloitte has been bringing together mutual customers to explore the future of manufacturing and industry 4.0 for over a decade,” said Bob Jones, EVP, Global Sales & Customer Success, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “The opening of Siemens eXplore Live space at The Smart Factory @ Wichita is the next progression of this relationship; bringing to life the concepts, ideas and practicalities of The Smart Factory, and enabling customers in multiple industries to accelerate digital transformation and solve complex manufacturing challenges.”

“As an industry leader in digitalization and advanced simulation, Siemens is helping manufacturers quickly adopt state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 technologies through its end-to-end suite of solutions,” said Stephen Laaper, principal and Smart Manufacturing leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “At the new Siemens eXplore Live space at The Smart Factory @ Wichita, visitors can easily experience the power of Deloitte’s and Siemens’ combined industry and digital transformation expertise to help accelerate the implementation of smart manufacturing solutions, solve complex challenges and engineer advantage.”

To learn more about the center and how it is bringing the power of digital transformation through the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio to companies of all sizes at The Smart Factory @ Wichita, visit The future of smart manufacturing with Siemens and Deloitte.

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