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PREMIUM INC. Selects CLEVR to implement Mendix Digital Lifecycle Management to connect their ecosystem

Amersfoort, Netherlands

Image courtesy of PREMIUM INC.

Siemens' partner CLEVR has announced that PREMIUM INC has selected it to implement Mendix Digital Lifecycle Management to connect their eco system

CLEVR is delighted to announce that PREMIUM INC. a Dutch house of athleisure-wear brands has selected and implemented the Mendix Digital Lifecycle Management for Fashion & Retail solution to help support its expansion. The entrepreneurial culture and passion for quality are core values for driving growth at PREMIUM INC. “We are ready to leave the excel sheets behind and take a step ahead towards clear overviews, better insights into our sustainability, sharing information among departments and shortened communication lines.” PREMIUM INC’s Buyer Footwear & Product Manager, Jeanette Berends comments. Built on Mendix’s leading low-code application platform, DLM for Fashion & Retail is a flexible, short-time-to-value solution that allows collaboration between a brand or retailer and their vendors. CLEVR, a platinum-level Siemens solutions partner and leading Mendix partner, rapidly implemented the low-code solution at PREMIUM INC.

As PREMIUM INC. continues to grow, the necessity for a composable cloud native product lifecycle management solution became increasingly apparent. Jeanette Berends: “We tested multiple technologies, this one stood out with its many possibilities, no limitations and user-friendliness.” Future-proofing PREMIUM INC.

The Mendix DLM for Fashion & Retail solution provides flexibility and scalability required for the fashion and retail industry. With this implementation, PREMIUM INC. now enjoys a solution that is tailored to their specific business processes, built to scale, and nurtures continuous product and process innovation. Fundamental agility ensures that CLEVR can respond rapidly to PREMIUM INC's evolving needs. Jeanette Berends: “We are glad to be working with CLEVR. There is a team ready to support when needed. We collaborate closely and they come up with solutions we could not come up with.” As the partnership unfolds, CLEVR looks forward to being an integral part of PREMIUM INC's journey, supporting its growth, and contributing to its ongoing success. Fostering lasting partnerships is at the core of CLEVR's ethos, and this endeavor marks the beginning of what promises to be a robust and enduring collaboration.

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