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DENSO reduce component simulation time by 80 percent using its Simcenter 3D and NX integrated process

Plano, Texas, USA

DENSO Corporation is the second largest automotive parts and systems provider in terms of sales in the world and is an independent auto parts supplier to nearly all leading OEMs. A trusted supply chain partner for many of the world’s largest automobile brands, DENSO also works closely with its automotive partners in research and development (R&D) for electric and hybrid vehicles.

DENSO is developing its “NX CAD and Simcenter 3D integrated process” that allows analysts understand the simulation processes, which are repeatable for certain types of components. The simulation team captures modeling and process best practices and packages these up into simulation templates that are leveraged by designers using NX.

The integrated process has also led to increased quality because design problems are identified earlier and can be corrected before the project advances. Together, DENSO estimates the average time for analysis was reduced up to 80 percent by using the integrated process.

Learn more about how DENSO is reducing file sharing and other communications between departments to reduce human error and increase productivity in this new case study available here – https://resources.sw.siemens.com/en-US/case-study-denso-corporation

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