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Siemens makes product lifecycle management more accessible to businesses of all sizes with Teamcenter X Essentials

Plano, Texas, USA

Siemens Digital Industries Software announced today a new offering of its Teamcenter® X software for smaller businesses. Teamcenter X Essentials is the most affordable way to access Teamcenter X, the Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) that is part of the Siemens Xcelerator as a Service portfolio. Teamcenter X Essentials enables businesses, from startups to global enterprises, to rapidly begin digital transformation and adopt PLM and, when ready, rapidly grow innovation capability.

The Teamcenter X Essentials package helps businesses manage their mechanical computer aided design (CAD) product data and processes. Built on the same trusted, robust and secure SaaS architecture used by some of the world’s leading manufacturers and innovators, Teamcenter X Essentials enables teams to start fast and get their product data under control with minimal IT administration, implementation and at dramatically lower cost. As requirements and business needs grow and evolve, businesses can then take advantage of the full breadth of the capabilities of Teamcenter X. Any Teamcenter solution can be delivered as-a-service, enabling businesses to easily scale their PLM capability, integrate systems, or expand globally. Teamcenter X provides businesses the flexibility to configure and customize their PLM environment to support their business growth – all while realizing the advantages of SaaS.

Teamcenter X Essentials for design collaboration: Teamcenter X Essentials helps companies of all sizes start fast with PLM, enabling them to get mechanical CAD product data, documents, and processes under control with a preconfigured, cloud offering that is ready to go from day one. Purpose-built for mechanical CAD users, Teamcenter X Essentials allows users to work within their familiar CAD interface, to create and manage design revisions all while having the assurance that their data is securely controlled, shared, and backed up in the cloud. Team members without direct CAD access can use Teamcenter X Essentials to participate in the development process. They can use 3D visualization and markup tools, benefit from intelligent search capabilities, engage in discussions, and manage product and service documentation.

Grow with the Teamcenter X portfolio: Teamcenter X delivers the entire Teamcenter portfolio with the business agility and resiliency expected from a SaaS deployment. Customers can flexibly configure their Teamcenter X environment to drive innovation and enable a competitive advantage. Teamcenter X leverages the latest technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, to deliver modern PLM solutions for product development, manufacturing, and service.

Teamcenter X Essentials will be available later in calendar year 2024. To learn more about Teamcenter X and how it is bringing the power of industry-proven, trusted, and secure cloud-based lifecycle and process management to companies of all sizes, visit: https://plm.sw.siemens.com/en-US/teamcenter/teamcenter-x-cloud-plm/

西门子数字化工业软件通过Siemens Xcelerator 数字商业平台的软件、硬件和服务,帮助各规模企业实现数字化转型。西门子全栈式工业软件和全面的数字孪生可助力企业优化设计、工程与制造流程,将创新想法变为可持续的产品,从芯片到系统,从产品到制造,跨越所有行业,创造数字价值。Siemens Digital Industries Software – Accelerating transformation.

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