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Siemens and MaRS partner to accelerate innovation for startups in development of autonomous and connected vehicles

Plano, TX

Siemens' industry-leading technology can help the MaRS community to speed innovation in the area of autonomous and connected vehicle development, which is a key focus area for MaRS.
  • Partnership offers MaRS start-up community access to industry-leading Siemens design and simulation software

Siemens Digital Industries Software and MaRS Discovery District, a Toronto-based innovation hub, have partnered to provide over 1,400 Canadian science and technology companies with access to Siemens’ Xcelerator™ portfolio of software and services to support and accelerate the development of autonomous and connected vehicle technologies. The design and simulation software can help companies in the MaRS ecosystem conduct early design development and advanced verification of autonomous function and performance systems.

Startup companies are at the forefront of engineering and product innovation and they encounter similar complex design challenges as their larger counterparts, so it’s vital that they build a foundation of digital technology that enable expansion and growth as company needs evolve. Most startups begin with core CAD and CAE technologies but evolving product complexity, for example the quantity of parts and design complexity, often require additional capabilities such as data management, advanced simulation, and manufacturing software. MaRS understands these needs and challenges and strives to provide foundational services to their startup community that enable development and growth.

“Through this partnership with Siemens, we will provide our community with access to a complete autonomous vehicle software platform for complex system design, from ideation through realization,” said Oshoma Momoh, chief technical advisor at MaRS. “This industry-leading technology will help our community, part of Ontario's Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN), to speed innovation in the area of autonomous and connected vehicle development, which is a key focus area for MaRS. Siemens’ support for the startup community can help remove barriers, transforming engineering ideas into successful products that will benefit the future of mobility in Canada and around the world.” 

The partnership offers MaRS clients access to multiple solutions of Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio including:

  • Solid Edge® software for 3D CAD, simulation, and design management,
  • NX™ software for advanced high-performance 3D computer aided design (CAD),
  • the Teamcenter® portfolio for product data and lifecycle management,
  • Simcenter™ 3D software for fully integrated CAE addressing multidisciplinary product performance engineering,
  • Simcenter™ Prescan™ software for advanced simulation of autonomous systems, helping to reduce field testing and expand coverage over infinite possible real-world scenarios. 
  • Other solutions of the Xcelerator portfolio will also be made available as needed and requested.

MayaHTT, a long-time Siemens partner with unique expertise in addressing complex technical challenges from chip design to full vehicle system validation will support MaRS companies with software deployment and training services. 

“The rise of autonomous and connected vehicles is changing the way the vehicles are designed, manufactured and tested. This emphasis on agile development cycles requires new partnerships and collaboration across the supply chain,” said Jamie Dinsmore, Vice President and Country Manager, Canada at Siemens Digital Industries Software. “We are proud to partner with MaRS to empower Canadian startups by providing data management and simulation tools they can use from the beginning of their journeys, which can enable traceability, collaboration and early design validation that can improve product delivery and success.” 

For further information on Siemens’ solutions for startups, please see here.

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