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Instrumental joins Siemens Dynamo Program and will complement Siemens’ Teamcenter Quality offering with AI Capabilities

30 mai 2023
Palo Alto, California, USA

Instrumental has issued a press release announcing its collaboration with Siemens.

Instrumental, the leading AI-powered manufacturing quality platform, is excited to announce its official collaboration with Siemens through the Siemens Dynamo program, an open innovation program serving as a commercialization vehicle for start-up companies with Siemens, its customers and partners.

Identifying new failures, determining their root cause, and providing a solution is a complex task. Typically, it entails waiting for the defect to escalate into a significant problem before investigating its underlying causes. Addressing these issues promptly is critical as additional units may be impacted, requiring rework, or possibly becoming scrap.

Instrumental has developed cutting-edge computer vision and AI capabilities that enable engineers to identify potential failures automatically and efficiently determine their root cause. What sets its technology apart is the ability to correlate manufacturing data with product images taken throughout the assembly line, including RGB, AOI, X-Ray, and other scans. This approach helps engineers promptly investigate issues and find solutions to minimize impact and avoid product scrap.

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