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Solid Edge 2024 expands AI assisted design capabilities in Siemens Xcelerator

October 11, 2023
Plano, Texas, USA

  • Latest update to Solid Edge introduces artificial intelligence-based design assistance to help speed design through automation of repetition, common, tasks
  • Cloud-based collaboration and more comprehensive data sharing delivered as part of Siemens Xcelerator as a service subscription with Teamcenter Share app

Siemens Digital Industries Software is bringing AI assisted design and greater cloud-based collaboration Solid Edge 2024® software, product design and engineering software for the mainstream and part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software. Announced today and available immediately, the latest updates enable manufacturers of all sizes to begin or expand their digital transformation strategy, reuse data more efficiently and to drive innovation at the front-end of mechanical and electrical design and manufacturing through new applications of artificial intelligence in product design, greater cloud-based data sharing and collaboration.

Bringing AI-assisted design to the mainstream

Solid Edge 2024 delivers artificial intelligence (AI) assisted design to Solid Edge for the first time – found in several key enhancements. Now, when replacing parts in an assembly, the new AI assembly relationships capability intelligently predicts and offers valid alternatives. Elsewhere, an AI powered user interface learns use patterns to present relevant commands, in the right context, at the cursor, while a new AI assisted Operation Editing capability in Solid Edge® CAM Pro can guide users through the machining operation editing process, offering suggestions based on the machining application and learned part-programming style.

These updates build on existing intelligent modelling capabilities already in the system such as synchronous technology’s ability to recognize and maintain design intent in real time, even on models coming from other systems. When used aside Solid Edge’s generative design capabilities to automatically design concepts based on defined geometric and functional constraints, they can remove repetitive work from common activities, speed design and enable designers and engineers to focus on true exploration and innovation. “Solid Edge 2024 helps us work smarter and be more productive,” said David Iverson, Ariel Corporation. “Incorporating AI into our design processes will cut down time spent on tedious tasks, letting us do more of the fun stuff.”

Extending the benefits of cloud-based collaboration

Subscriptions to Solid Edge SaaS include access to cloud-based data sharing and collaboration with the Teamcenter® Share app. Delivered as a benefit of any Siemens Xcelerator as a service subscription, Teamcenter Share is a rich set of cloud-based capabilities that enable collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers, from anywhere, on any device. The latest update brings streamlined integration across Siemens’ broad range of industry software, improved out of the box integration connecting Solid Edge to Teamcenter Share, interactive previews of both Office documents and 3D data, kanban board display enhancements, improved assignment/status visibility, increased storage and expanded file support help customers to improve communication and move projects forward at the pace industry demands.

Bring real-time product configuration direct to the sale process

The new Solid Edge® Design Configurator Connect software delivers instant online product configuration, allowing rapid configuration of a product that meets a customers’ specific requirements. Built on existing Solid Edge® Design Configurator software, this allows sales engineers and end customers to configure products for quotation via a web-based portal, without the need for a local Solid Edge install.

Greater productivity across the full Solid Edge product family

Alongside the marquee updates delivered with the latest update to Solid Edge, the 2024 update also delivers productivity enhancements along with extended functionality across the entire product suite. From huge gain in large assembly performance (now 9x faster when initially opening complex product models), to new real-world environments that automatically update with model movement for more immersion.

To learn more about Siemens’ Solid Edge software and how it can bring the power of digital transformation and state-of-the art product development technology to organizations of any size, visit: siemens.com/solid-edge-2024 or watch the replay of the Solid Edge 2024 launch event here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc-ddD3aliA

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