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Siemens brings new immersive collaboration, electro-mechanical workflows and new AI-enabled design capabilities to NX

July 11, 2024
Plano, Texas, USA

NX brings new and enhanced capabilities to Siemens’ flagship product engineering software that aim to help designers and manufacturers across all industries deliver better, more optimized products to market faster.
  • The latest updates and enhancements added via the NX continuous release cycle, customers can expect more AI and generative design tools
  • Customers can now move to the cloud with products including NX X and Zel X improving cross-collaboration across domains

Siemens Digital Industries Software today announced the latest updates to its NX™ software from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio bringing new and enhanced capabilities to Siemens’ flagship product engineering software that aim to help designers and manufacturers across all industries deliver better, optimized products to market faster.

Introducing NX X

NX™ X software is the same NX that industry leaders and pioneers have relied on for many years, now offered on the cloud and enhanced with built in data management based on the Teamcenter® portfolio for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). With information being stored on Siemens’ secure cloud software-as-a-service infrastructure, customers can unlock a new level of NX offering more flexibility, scalability and collaboration.

David Doral, CEO of startup Dovetail Electric Aviation shares his experience with NX X saying, “As a startup pushing the boundaries of innovation, we require capabilities to explore all options to ensure product performance. After reviewing market offerings, NX X has been implemented, providing next generation product engineering capabilities future proofed with value-based licensing, enabling us to replace Dassault’s offerings for the more scalable and flexible Siemens Xcelerator. Together with Siemens we have an exciting future with our new platform built for the future.”

NX X is an enhanced cloud-based product engineering allowing desktop installation or browser streaming via Amazon Web Services (AWS), along with secure data management for seamless collaboration, enhancing PLM capabilities with Teamcenter® X software, providing users with more flexibility, greater native collaboration capabilities and less time wasted on IT administration. NX X also offers flexible and scalable licensing, an adaptable and cost-effective way for customers to access NX add-on modules and advanced NX capabilities. With over 110 products and capability extensions available, organizations can explore what add-ons best suit their workflows, allowing flexibility and customization based on their projects’ demands. NX X also works alongside Siemens’ newly announced Zel X™ software. Based on the same architecture as NX, Zel X is Siemens’ next generation browser-based engineering app that integrates with other Siemens Xcelerator solutions like NX, for streamlining manufacturing and shop-floor operations.

Immersing engineers and designers in the future of design


NX Immersive Explorer offers a gaming-level experience to design review, virtual commissioning and stakeholder sign-off with high-fidelity renders on your desktop or in virtual reality

With NX™ Immersive Explorer software, a gaming-level experience is being brought to design review, virtual commissioning and stakeholder sign-off in stunning realism on both the desktop and in virtual reality. Launching in December 2024, NX Immersive Explorer supports all major HMD hardware options and enables users to gain valuable insights earlier in the design process in immersive and interactive photorealism, cutting costs for physical prototypes. With the ability to focus on specific parts of the assembly, examine individual components, and add mark-ups and notes to document design review outcomes – the design process can be done in a whole new perspective.

Bring new AI capabilities to NX

AI is everywhere, including in NX, helping to improve and accelerate processes with NX's artificial intelligence-enabled design tools. New AI-enabled tools including topology optimization, Performance Predictor and gyroid modeling join existing tools such as command prediction and selection prediction to boost efficiency.

Performance Predictor is an AI-enabled design simulation tool that focuses on validating material choices and mechanical performance of individual parts - enabling designers to validate test and reiterate design iterations in real-time - speeding up the innovation process and helping to eliminate costly errors.

When combined with the AI-enabled topology optimization and new gyroid lattice and infill design capabilities and the Design Space Explorer capability introduced in 2023, this enables designers to create optimal parts that not only perform as needed, but also allows them to conduct light weighting studies and take advantage of additive manufacturing where appropriate.

Maximizing speed and control for part manufacturing


Siemens' NX CAM’s advanced Holemaking operation provides precise toolpath controls, ensuring optimized machining and superior surface finish

This update also brings greater levels of user control and workflow productivity to NX CAM and NX Additive Manufacturing (AM) that empowers users to go from part designs to high quality components faster and with greater confidence. Enhanced 3D Adaptive Roughing, a high-speed machining strategy, now helps programmers to automatically specify start locations, resulting in more efficient machining and longer tool life. Similarly, the hole-making operation has been improved to provide finer control over tool moves that ensures safe machining and enhanced surface quality. Additionally, Cloud Connect Tool Manager has been upgraded to streamline CNC programming. This feature for tool data management with direct access to tool vendor catalogs now enables association of machining settings with cutting tools, resulting in faster programming.

Workflows for preparing additive manufacturing build jobs for metal and polymer parts have been streamlined with new capabilities and enhancements. New facet selection methods simplify the creation of support structures for parts modeled with facet geometry. Additionally, new capabilities for subnesting, sinterbox creation, slice area distribution calculation and 3D packing optimization greatly simplify and accelerate the workflow for preparing of polymer builds jobs. Furthermore, new Siemens build processors simplify the generation and output of print job files from NX to SLM Solutions and Trumpf metal 3D printers. Lastly, new multi-axis additive build rules enable creation and reuse of custom process parameters, often considered to be the “secret sauce” for achieving consistent high-quality builds.

Enhancements for the Electrical & Semiconductor industry


The new Managed Environment for Electronics Design brings together NX, Capital, Xpedition and Teamcenter for PLM enabling seamless data flow and collaboration between electronic and mechanical design teams.

The new Managed Environment for Electronics Design is a continuous digital thread that connects data from various software from the Siemens Xcelerator platform - including NX, Capital™ software for electrical and electronics (E/E) systems development, Xpedition™ software for PCB design and Teamcenter for PLM - allowing enhanced integration between the four, enabling seamless data flow and collaboration between electronic and mechanical design teams. This unified data management platform for electrical/electronic and mechanical domains simplifies ECAD and MCAD processes.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities within NX

NX for BIM offers a comprehensive set of Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools, offering a single, multi-disciplinary platform for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) workflows. This is especially beneficial in a field typically relying on multiple separate software products to handle different aspects of the architecture and construction design process. The new NX for BIM functionality includes an IFC data translator, a stair tool and the ability to import from a 3D BIM library, enhancing interoperability and workflow efficiency. The new NX for Concrete Design add-on module is crucial for modular construction, providing greater fidelity to the digital twin of concrete structures.

To learn more about the most recent additions and enhancements that Siemens is bringing to NX software, watch the YouTube launch video or visit https://plm.sw.siemens.com/en-US/nx/cad-online/latest-nx-cad-version/

Siemens Digital Industries Software helps organizations of all sizes digitally transform using software, hardware and services from the Siemens Xcelerator business platform. Siemens' software and the comprehensive digital twin enable companies to optimize their design, engineering and manufacturing processes to turn today's ideas into the sustainable products of the future. From chips to entire systems, from product to process, across all industries. Siemens Digital Industries Software – Accelerating transformation.

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