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MediaTek selects Nucleus RTOS for next-generation modem technology

December 11, 2019
Plano, TX

  • MediaTek selected the ReadyStart edition of the Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS) platform for its next-generation cellular modem technologies.
  • Nucleus RTOS was selected to power MediaTek’s wide range of chipsets, from 2G to 4G, as well as its 5G chipset.
  • The Nucleus RTOS platform supports system and application workflows, has broad hardware support and includes comprehensive middleware offerings that enable MediaTek to easily build complex systems with speed and efficiency.

Mentor, a Siemens business, today announced that MediaTek, a world leading fabless semiconductor company  has selected the ReadyStart™ edition of the Nucleus™ RTOS platform for the development of its next-generation modem chipsets. MediaTek selected the Nucleus RTOS based on it being one of the most proven, stable, scalable, and highest-quality commercial real-time operating systems in the industry. The Nucleus ReadyStart RTOS platform brings together integrated software IP, tools and services into a single, “ready-to-use” solution to help accelerate embedded development.

“As a market leader in innovative SoCs for wireless communication and digital multimedia, MediaTek invests in innovation and next-generation technologies, and the Nucleus ReadyStart RTOS platform has been part of our modem development. It’s a proven, scalable solution for our cellular modem chipsets with available source code, small footprint, real-time performance, and superior technical support,” said TL Lee, General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communication business unit.

MediaTek required hard affinity symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) to optimize cache performance for performance-critical tasks and soft affinity to maximize the cache benefits of a single core, with bound computational domain (BCD) to isolate a critical single core task. The Nucleus RTOS has been deployed in over 3 billion devices worldwide, and MediaTek will license Nucleus RTOS to power its broad range of modem chipsets.

Providing a single distribution to accelerate embedded development, the Nucleus ReadyStart RTOS platform supports system and applications workflows. It has broad hardware support (MCUs, DSPs, FPGAs, MPUs), includes comprehensive middleware offerings, and features toolchain integration with Mentor’s award-winning Sourcery™ software tools for all phases of development. This comprehensive embedded solution helps enable MediaTek to easily build simple to complex systems with speed and efficiency.

“As the embedded industry’s broadest supplier of embedded software solutions and services, we value MediaTek’s selection of our Nucleus ReadyStart RTOS platform for their next-generation cellular modems chipsets,” stated Scot Morrison, general manager of embedded platform technology, Mentor, a Siemens business. “MediaTek continues to invest in emerging technologies such as 5G, and we are proud that our embedded solutions will help drive MediaTek’s mission of smart technology and innovation.”

For more information on the Nucleus ReadyStart RTOS platform, go to the product website: https://www.mentor.com/embedded-software/nucleus

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