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PAC INNOVATION RADAR names Siemens “Best in Class” in Open Digital Platforms for Cloud-centric Industrial IoT

September 16, 2021
Plano, TX, USA

Siemens Digital Industries Software has been named “Best in Class” in PAC INNOVATION RADAR’s Open Digital Platforms for Cloud-centric Industrial IoT in Europe vendor analysis report for 2021

Siemens Digital Industries Software announced today that it has been named “Best in Class” in PAC INNOVATION RADAR’s vendor analysis report, the Open Digital Platforms for Cloud-centric Industrial IoT in Europe, 2021. The report provides a graphical representation and written analysis of the positioning of various digital platform providers for cloud-centric industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and is conducted on the basis of an analytical assessment of criteria which PAC, a Teknowlogy Group Company, previously defined for this analysis. With this, Siemens has been “Best in Class” for 3 years consecutively.

Siemens was selected to be the “Best in Class,” along with only one other vendor out of the total 11 vendors evaluated and assessed on relative market strength and competence using a wide-ranging set of criteria. Siemens scored significantly higher than average in several of these criteria including unique selling proposition, the strategic activities in the last twelve months, platform capabilities, ecosystem leadership, complementary services & service quality, client bases and relationships in Europe, expansion of go-to-market, expansion of use cases and applications, market perception, ability to grow, etc.

“Siemens is fully embracing the cloud and the app store model, which actually is a real app store and not just a catalog,” says Arnold Vogt, Head of Digital Innovation & IoT, at PAC. “The strength of MindSphere from Siemens, that made them a “Best in Class”, lies in four aspects – the strong installed base; the integration of MindSphere within the Siemens portfolio, including the Industrial Edge and the acquired low-code application development platform, Mendix; the strong Siemens partner ecosystem; and the MindSphere store.”

MindSphere®, the industrial IoT as a service solution from Siemens, was developed by Siemens for applications in the context of the Internet of Things. MindSphere stores operational data and makes it accessible through digital applications to allow industrial customers to make decisions based on valuable information.

“Our customers want to turn the power of data, advanced analytics and integrated automation into sustainable innovation,” says Ray Kok, Senior Vice President of Cloud Application Services for Siemens Digital Industries Software. “In combination with Industrial Edge, MindSphere provides ready-to-use cloud and edge computing solutions with advanced analytics and AI, integrated with our leading low-code application development platform, Mendix. The combination of IIoT for edge, cloud and low-code boosts the operational efficiency of our customers multiple folds and hence we are very well positioned to serve the needs of our customers. We are extremely pleased that for the third year in a row, PAC RADAR has placed Siemens MindSphere in the “Best in Class” category in their Cloud-centric Industrial IoT Platforms report.”

For more information, please view the report here

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