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REJOOL adopts Siemens Xcelerator for development of hydrogen compressors

January 18, 2024
Plano, Texas, USA

  • Hydrogen compression startup adopts Siemens’ cloud-enabled industry software portfolio to help establish digital thread for compressor development, manufacturing and supply chain/customer collaboration
  • Siemens Xcelerator as a Service including NX, Teamcenter X and Teamcenter Share used to streamline digital process to bring technology to market quickly

Siemens Digital Industries Software announced today REJOOL, a startup focused on hydrogen compression devices, has adopted the Siemens Xcelerator as a Service portfolio of industry software to help bring its PIONYR hydrogen compression technology to market.

Based in Witzenhausen, Germany, REJOOL designs and manufactures compact, oil-less and small-size hermetically gas-tight piston compressors for stationary high-pressure hydrogen applications. Its product portfolio encompasses modular and customizable hydrogen compressors tailored for the building sector, research and development facilities as well as off-grid applications alongside provisions for consulting, engineering and spare parts. REJOOL adopted the Siemens Xcelerator as a Service portfolio to help establish a digital twin-based development process to bring its breakthrough PIONYR series compressors to market and to set a new standard in the hydrogen industry.

REJOOL’s engineering team adopted Siemens’ NX™ software for its product engineering and simulation activities complimented with Siemens’ Teamcenter® X solution for cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). REJOOL has also taken advantage of Teamcenter® Share app for collaboration and data sharing with suppliers and customers.


REJOOL, a startup focusing on hydrogen compressors, has adopted the Siemens Xcelerator as a Service portfolio of industry software to help bring its PIONYR hydrogen compression technology to market.
(Image credit: REJOOL)

“Implementing a fully digital way of working right from the beginning is of utmost importance. To achieve this, we required robust design software capable of simultaneous simulation and product rendering. Furthermore, effective collaboration both internally and with external partners necessitates a system for managing our complex product data from concept, business and fading product,” said Stephan Hillebrand, CTO, REJOOL.

“We depend on the Siemens Xcelerator as a Service software portfolio throughout our development process from concept to the final product. This ensures structured, collaborative work on the 3D product model, constant visualization of up-to-date product data and seamless data exchange of design status with our suppliers - all via our secure cloud-based infrastructure. The synergy between Siemens’ NX, Teamcenter X and Teamcenter Share helps us to streamline digital work, making it more efficient than ever before,” continued Hillebrand.

“The hydrogen industry is one that’s key to exploring a lower-carbon future and I’m delighted to see pioneers like REJOOL adopting cutting edge technology from the Siemens Xcelerator as a Service portfolio to help them design, build and scale to help build that cleaner future for all,” said Klaus Löckel, Managing Director, DACH region, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “It’s another great example of pioneers across the full spectrum of industry turning to Siemens Xcelerator. With Siemens’ SaaS approach, we’re able to deliver an affordable, production ready toolset that allows startups to avoid the cost and time associated with traditional implementations. This enables them to focus on what’s important – building their businesses and innovating.”

To learn more about how Siemens is supporting startups such as REJOOL with its Siemens Xcelerator as a Service portfolio of cloud-ready industry software, visit https://www.sw.siemens.com/en-US/digital-transformation/cloud/

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