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Mentor partners with Arm to help customers optimize the functional verification of sophisticated, next-generation ICs

October 22, 2020
Plano, TX

Mentor, a Siemens business, today announced a partnership with Arm® to help integrated circuit (IC) designers optimize and streamline the functional verification of their Arm-based designs. With this collaboration, the Arm Design Reviews program now offers the expertise of Mentor’s top functional verification engineers to help customers optimize their Arm-based System-on-Chip (SoC) designs.

Arm’s new RTL Verification Design Review service, in collaboration with Mentor, helps IC design teams find the right balance of quality, advanced capability and cost for their Arm IP at the RTL level. The reviews can help customers enhance key design elements, including signal connectivity, system coherency, correct implementation and system performance.

“Mentor and Arm have a strong track record of successful collaboration, and we are pleased to continue this long and fruitful relationship,” said Sam George, vice president, Mentor Consulting. “Mentor’s expertise in RTL design, combined with Arm’s extensive system design expertise, provides an invaluable wealth of knowledge for our shared customers.”

Verification for a new IC can consume more than half of the total time spent on a typical SoC design. The efficient management of IC functional verification cycles grows increasingly critical as more complex designs are required to meet the demands of end-applications within the automotive, industrial equipment, medical and Internet of Things markets. The Arm and Mentor collaboration is intended to help mutual customers overcome these challenges by helping to optimize and dramatically shorten verification cycles.

With decades of expertise in the electronic design automation (EDA) market, Mentor is recognized globally for its expertise in IC functional verification technology. Many of the IC industry’s most innovative and successful products were developed using Mentor technology.

“Verification is a crucial part of the SoC design process that cannot be overlooked,” said Ciarán Dunne, vice president and general manager, Partner Enablement at Arm. “Our new RTL Verification Design Review service offers the shared insight and expertise of Arm and Mentor, enabling customers to further improve the quality of their designs while shortening design cycles, time-to-market and reducing project risk.”

Additional information about Arm’s new RTL Verification Design Review service is available at http://www.arm.com/design-reviews.

On November 4, Arm will conduct a free webinar entitled “Selecting the Best Design Verification Strategy for Your Design”. Featuring Mentor RTL experts, the webinar will take place at 10am GMT and again at 4pm GMT. Registration is open now.

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