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Helixx selects Siemens Xcelerator to develop automotive factories of the future for rapid deployment

June 19, 2023
Oxford, UK

Helixx has selected Siemens Xcelerator to assist the design, development of its innovative electric vehicle manufacturing system.

Helixx has announced that it has adopted the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

Helixx, a new UK-based global technology company, has selected the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software and services to assist the design, development, validation, delivery, and management of its innovative electric vehicle manufacturing system.

Solutions from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio have been chosen by Helixx to help realise its goal of supporting sustainable economic development by facilitating rapid manufacture of affordable zero-emission urban mobility solutions worldwide.

In a world-first, the Helixx manufacturing system will empower customers to operate licensed factories, known as Helixx Mobility Hubs, producing a range of mini commercial electric vehicles (EVs) virtually anywhere in the world. The Helixx vehicle range will comprise of CARGO commercial delivery van, TRUCK pick-up for construction sites, and open-body TUK and closed-body RIDE for ride-hailing.

Helixx is responsible for engineering the vehicles and the manufacturing system by which they are produced. While Helixx will manufacture the first vehicles at its concept hub in Oxfordshire and in further pilot hubs in the UK and Singapore producing 10,000 Helixx vehicles a year by 2025 the brand’s mission and ambition go far beyond that.

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