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Siemens’ Aprisa place-and-route solution now certified for GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX platform

September 14, 2021
Plano, TX, USA

GlobalFoundries (GF) has certified Siemens’ Aprisa place-and-route solution for the foundry‘s 22FDX process technologies.

Siemens Digital Industries Software today announced that longtime partner GlobalFoundries™ (GF®) has certified Siemens’ Aprisa place-and-route solution for GF’s 22FDX™ platform. As part of this certification, the companies collaborated to incorporate Aprisa enablement technology into GF’s process design kits (PDKs) to help mutual customers leverage the advantages of the 22FDX platform.

“Siemens is pleased to yet again collaborate with long-term partner GF on critical enablement technologies that help our mutual customers deliver innovative ICs for key end-markets around the globe,” said Inki Hong, senior director of the Aprisa division for Siemens Digital Industries Software. “The combined expertise of GF and Siemens provides designers the advanced technology they need to develop compelling and highly differentiated ICs for a broad number of fast-growing applications.” 

To achieve this latest certification, the Aprisa tool passed a suite of rigorous tests that confirmed the Siemens place-and-route software supports 22FDX design features. Featuring best-in-class performance and power consumption, GF’s 22FDX platform is ideal for high-volume devices that require minimal idle power and low leakage, at design costs in line with those of 28nm chips. 

Siemens’ Aprisa product line is a leader in next-generation place-and-route technology for the design of highly advanced integrated-circuits (ICs). Engineered to help enable exceptional quality of results, Aprisa offers complete gate-level-to-GDSII hierarchical and block level physical implementation solutions. Siemens acquired Aprisa from Avatar Integrated Systems in August 2020 to extend its portfolio of world-class IC EDA software. 

“As a long-standing partner of GlobalFoundries, Siemens continues to demonstrate excellence in design enablement with EDA tools certified to run on our advanced process technologies,” said Richard Trihy, vice president of Customer Design Enablement at GF. “We appreciate our collaboration with Siemens and look forward to continuing to help our mutual customers achieve silicon success while meeting increasingly stringent market requirements.”

Siemens‘ Aprisa enablement for GF‘s 22FDX platform includes place-and-route technology files, RC extraction files and other essential technologies for optimizing efficiency, yield and overall IC quality. The 22FDX PDK including Aprisa enablement is now available via GF’s Global-FoundryView portal.

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