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C2A Security announces new technology collaboration with Siemens

September 5, 2023
Jerusalem, Israel

C2A Security has announced its collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries Software.

C2A Security, developers of the mobility-centric DevSecOps Platform for car makers, suppliers, and EV charging companies, announced that it has joined the Siemens Digital Industries Software Partner Program. The agreement enables C2A Security to connect its EVSec platform with Siemens’ Polarion™ software, the leading Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution from Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software.

The collaboration between Siemens and C2A Security creates a win-win scenario for both companies and has great potential for their mutual automotive and mobility customers. Polarion customers will be able to ingest security data from the EVSec Platform, enabling the development of more secure software that also complies with existing and emerging regulations for the software-defined vehicle (SDV), such as WP.29, R155 and the ISO/SAE 21434 standard. C2A Security currently supports customers in Europe, Asia and North America.

"With stricter regulations around security going into effect, it’s imperative to understand the implications of software and hardware changes on automotive systems,” said Piyush Karkare, Global Director of Automotive Solutions at Siemens Digital Industries. "Bringing Polarion together with C2A Security’s EVSec platform addresses this by providing a 30,000 feet view of products, but with the ability to see component-level vulnerabilities, their effect on compliance, and feeding back into the design phase of the product lifecycle. This is a powerful tool for any company to have, and we’re excited about the collaboration with C2A Security and the value it can bring to our customers."

“We are pleased to collaborate with Siemens to bring the EVSec platform to their clients through the ALM solution,” said Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security. “Staying competitive and developing new revenue streams have always been a priority for car makers, especially in this software-defined vehicle era. By connecting Polarion ALM for software development with the EVSec Platform to create a one-stop shop for product security management and automation, customers will have the best set of tools to enable the delivery of secure software, at scale, while helping them adhere to industry regulations and standards.”

Polarion ALM software automates the management of systems engineering projects and enables the development of quality embedded software with the industry's highest efficiency and ROI and is well established in the automotive industry. C2A Security's flagship product, the EVSec Platform, is a leading DevSecOps platform that helps automotive companies to automate their risk and product security lifecycle management practices, at scale. The EVSec Platform fosters collaboration between security, operations, and development teams, and enables developers to focus on innovation, delivering new products and features faster to consumers. The ‘single pane of glass’ approach empowers car makers to provide more business value to their consumers while getting built-in, efficient, and streamlined cybersecurity practices, tools, and processes.

With the fast-approaching deadline for the WP.29 R155 regulation and ISO/SAE 21434 standard, car makers and mobility companies will be able to enjoy the best of breed solutions from Siemens and C2A Security, empowering different teams to work collaboratively around product innovation, to meet consumers’ demand while complying with existing and emerging regulations and standards.

Just this year, C2A Security added new top-tier global players to its customers and partners portfolio, including Valeo, Marelli, NTT Data, Segula Technologies, and Evvo Labs, among others, and the EVSec Platform is already in use at several global car makers.

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