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Siemens to make Manufacturing Operations Management easier to access with Opcenter X

14. května 2024
Plano, Texas, USA

  • New cloud-based Manufacturing Operations Management solution to help manufacturers digitally transform with more flexibility
  • Opcenter X helps solve production and order scheduling issues and can scale as a business grows and needs evolve – without the traditional costs associated with on-premises point solutions

Siemens Digital Industries Software announced today Opcenter™ X software, a new more accessible solution for digital manufacturing that is part of Siemens Xcelerator portfolio. It delivers Siemens’ leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Scheduling, Quality, and Analytics capabilities in a modular, easy to implement and inherently collaborative cloud environment.

Built natively for the cloud, Opcenter X lowers the time and cost barrier for small to medium-sized manufacturers in part manufacturing and additive manufacturing industries to accelerate their digital transformation journey. It enables them to rapidly realize return-on-investment with modular capabilities that adapt as the enterprise matures and requirements grow.

“Cloud-based digital transformation is a fundamental focus for many manufacturers seeking to manage today’s product and process complexity, disruptive technologies, supply chain volatility and tightening margins,” said Zvi Feuer, Senior Vice President, Digital Manufacturing Software, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “Using disconnected point solutions to solve the rapidly changing challenges facing manufacturing will soon be not only impractical, but detrimental to many. Opcenter X provides a fully integrated solution that grows with a manufacturers’ needs, enabling them to target critical areas of their business, then expand the digitalization footprint as needed, without the time, cost and resources associated with integrating disparate, on-premises, legacy systems.”

Siemens has developed Opcenter X to help revolutionize the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) process. Opcenter X delivers a SaaS-based approach to MOM that can help small and medium businesses become more agile and provide competitive advantages over larger manufacturers. With highly-flexible and adaptive solution that is easy to implement, small and medium size enterprises will now be able to reconfigure manufacturing lines with relative ease and speed – without the need for costly IT and implementation overheads required by inflexible legacy systems.

WKS Door Systems, a specialist design and manufacturer of architectural door products based in Escobedo, Mexico, implemented Opcenter X to assist with monitoring real-time progress of a complex production orders process. They used Opcenter X to create a new production schedule in 30 minutes (compared to 8 hours) – a reduction of 93 percent – as part of streamlining its production processes and improving efficiency.

“Our collaboration with Siemens to pilot the use of Opcenter X has yielded remarkable results. In addition to providing tools, they've offered valuable insights, helping us shape a promising future. As part of Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, Opcenter X has driven our digital transformation, giving greater agility and productivity to our production processes,” said Eduardo Zacarias, Chief Operating Officer, WKS Door Systems.

“Manufacturing operations management (MOM) software is evolving to a modular, native cloud-based architecture,” said James Prestwood, Industry Analyst at ABI Research. “This makes it accessible to a broader spectrum of companies. As a result, manufacturers, particularly the small and medium businesses, can start small, and scale up quickly to become an agile and innovative market leader in their segment of the manufacturing world”.

To learn more about how Siemens Digital Industries Software is revolutionizing Manufacturing Operations Management with Opcenter X, visit https://www.siemens.com/opcenterx

Siemens Digital Industries Software pomáhá firmám všech velikostí s digitální transformací pomocí softwaru, hardwaru a služeb díky platformě Siemens Xcelerator. Software Siemens a komplexní digitální dvojče umožňují společnostem optimalizovat jejich konstrukční, inženýrské a výrobní procesy, aby se z dnešních nápadů staly udržitelné výrobky budoucnosti. Od čipů po celé systémy, od výrobku po procesy, napříč všemi průmyslovými odvětvími. Siemens Digital Industries Software – Accelerating transformation.

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