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MIPS leverages Siemens’ Veloce proFPGA platform to implement and make available capabilities of its new high-performance eVocore P8700 RISC-V multiprocessor

31. května 2023
San Jose, California, USA

MIPS has issued a press release focused on its work with Siemens’ Veloce™ proFPGA platform.

MIPS, a leading developer of highly scalable RISC processor IP, has collaborated with Siemens Digital Industries Software, a global electronic design automation leader, to speed time-to-market and accelerate software development for customers of the new MIPS eVocore P8700 RISC-V multiprocessor.

Under the collaboration, MIPS will use Siemens’ Veloce™ proFPGA platform to demonstrate MIPS’ high-performance intellectual property (IP) cores, including MIPS’ eVocore P8700, which recently took top honors at Embedded World. The P8700, one of the industry's highest performance, most scalable RISC-V multiprocessor IP, has already been adopted for applications including autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

MIPS CPUs on Siemens’ Veloce proFPGA platform can enable customers to validate their end systems before silicon. Customers can add their custom logic and accelerators and validate their system-on chip (SoC) for optimal functionality. In addition, Siemens’ Veloce proFPGA platform will give customer software teams full access to the platform’s prototyping hardware system, software tools, and debug trace hooks, enabling early software development and hardware-software codesign.

Read the MIPS press release here.